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Shop the NYN Store — you’ll find complete lighting systems, strobe lights, equipment from Interfit, light stands, umbrellas, softboxes, meters and triggers, seamless paper backdrops, Superlite portable backdrops, seamless background paper, mats for prints, photo session kits and other supplies.

Cruise the course catalog — Our full tuition courses include extensive learning resources on building a home photography studio, posing subjects for portraiture, family and pet photography, color management, Photoshop editing, printing and displaying your work and more. Learn to take pro quality studio style shots in your own home with the studio photography course.

If you’re interested in the business of photography and becoming a professional photographer, the Photography Business Success course is an in-depth program to help you get started in your own profitable photography business from home, studio or on-location (special note — be sure to take the free business introductory course [see below] before enrolling in the full tuition course!).

Take the free photography business course — Interested in getting started in the business of photography? The free course will show you the way. We’ll cover important concepts that will help you get started the right (and profitable) way and some very important things you need to consider so you end with a business that fits your specific needs and lifestyle. Very important and often ignored!